Bangkok: After You Dessert Cafe | Siam Square One

Forget about Dazzling. After You is the real deal.

Dazzling Cafe’s rendition of the shibuya toast had been so satisfactory, that I needed to return to After You just to get the bad taste of Dazzling out of my system. So, here I was, in Krung Thep Mahanakhon – also known as Bangkok – to eat a proper shibuya toast.

Since we last spoke about After You Dessert Cafe, the brand has transformed into a city-wide chain, with eleven outlets in the Bangkok metropolitan area. There are now outlets in tourist areas like Ladprao (Chatuchak), Silom and Ratchaprasong (Siam). A true dessert connossieur, After You’s extensive menu extends to a wide spectrum of tantalizing favorites, including cakes, crumbles, pudding, pavlova and of course, shibuya toast. The cafe shows no signs of relenting, and recently introduced kakigori (the sweet shaved ice delight that Koreans insist patbingsu is descended from) to its ever-expanding portfolio.

Sure, After You’s shibuya toast are certainly less photogenic than their counterparts at Dazzling Cafe, but the difference in taste is night and day. The toast is impeccably done: crisp on the outside, fluffy and buttered all the way through on the inside. Together with the caramel ice cream, and the drizzle of maple syrup, it’s simply irresistable. Because I had plans to keep coming back, I was contented with the “baby” size for today.


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