Bliss Restaurant | Ang Mo Kio

Bliss Restaurant would be a Pink Dot’s wet dream…

The diner offers employment opportunities to all without discrimination…how’s that for freedom to love? The mission doesn’t stop there: the restaurants recycles its waste oil (obviously, not for cooking) and donates groceries to low-income communities – an admirable model that is unfortunately, an exception to the norm in Singapore when it really ought to be commonplace.

I think we, myself included, don’t do enough for the community. I’d see Christians all too willing to champion life and family, going the extent to travel overseas against all odds to help the less fortunate in the region. Yet we never think to lift a finger for those right under our noses, blaming the government for not doing enough. I know, I know…”out of sight, out of mind”, but as middle class folk, we need to break away from our selective sympathy syndrome. If we care, we should go all the way. If we don’t, well hey, it’s fine really.

Last evening’s Pasta J did little to whet my appetite for pasta. I was feeling restless, and was seriously contemplating riding down to Old Airport for some good ole’ seafood pasta when Google search for “good pasta in Ang Mo Kio” turned up Bliss Restaurant. I had been meaning to visit this place since 2013 but never got around to it, really. I mean, a great ambience, great convenient location? It really doesn’t get much better, right? Well, I never did visit for one reason or another. Today seemed like as good as any, so I walked to Cheng San Community Club, a stone’s throw from Ang Mo Kio station and reached in no time.

The restaurant is unbelievably large spread across an indoor, air-conditioned section, and an al fresco area. The surrounding skyscrapers, as well as the Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East hill on which the development is perched on ensures indirect sunlight, and a good place to just chill as the day winds down. The menu is extensive, with pasta, surf and turf as well as sides, appetizers and desserts.

I had heard that the restaurant’s Smoked Pepper Duck pasta was one to go for, but that was back in 2013 when supermarket packed smoked duck was just being discovered. We now know better, don’t we? Anyway, it kinda died off, didn’t it? Ever since the proliferation of smoked duck available on the shelves, it just got saltier and saltier, right? My mother used to buy it, until it just became too salty to eat. I was tempted by the prawns, but eventually got to the smoked salmon.

I’ve to say, the aglio olio was simple, but knocked Pasta J right off the park. I enjoyed every serving, and while I had garlic breath at the end (from all the garlic tossed in the pasta), it was absolutely delicious. Pity about the super salty smoked salmon, though.


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