Fresh Fish Seafood Soup 鱼三鲜汤 | Sembawang Hills Food Centre

I chanced upon this stall by accident, really.

As an Asian, instant noodles will always own a soft spot in our hearts. Depending on where we live, we may have different names for it, “maggi”, “mamee”, “indomee” but our resolute is the same. Because to us, it’s the ultimate comfort food…guiding us through our lives. Sure, it may be unhealthy, even to the point of carcinogenic but who cares? You’re not living life until you’ve lived till the edge, right?

The generic titled Fresh Fish Seafood Soup stall at the sleepy Sembawang Hills Food Centre attracts Singaporean Chinese like bees to honey. I don’t know, but we are mad for fish soup. You’d think an island in the equatorial region would heavily feature seafood in its culture, but the truth couldn’t be more further from the truth. I suppose fish soup helps us reconnect with our islander reality. The stall faces inwards, and is characterised by its complex system of condiments, utensils and coin dispensers, and of course, for its clear fish broth. To be honest, I would have never eaten here if not for the fact that I observed that many diners were having instant noodle fish soup. I know, right? Instant noodles?!! I had to have it.

The result? It’s not bombastic but therein lies its beauty. Maybe in all this midst of hustle and bustle, of pretentiousness and arty-farty aspirations, that there’s a beauty in simplicity. The only real spice, drops of fried garlic doused in garlic-fused oil spread across this rustic masterpiece creates culinary sparks that so many aspiring Michelin chefs can only dream of.



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