Baker’s Brew Studio | Jalan Tambang, Sembawang

Save the trip.

I recall Member of Parliament Seah Kian Peng lamenting about young Singaporeans leaving everything behind to open cafes, and after a visit to Baker’s Brew Studio, you can’t help but feel like maybe, he might be on to something.

Located opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre, and adjacent to the famous white bee hoon, is Baker’s Brew Studio. Although it bills itself as a cafe and culinary school, the lack of any substantial dining spaces means it’s more of a studio than a cafe. The concept is quite novel, although at first impressions, it looks like the owners squandered their budget on classy mixers and high-tech ovens and forgot the partition and the cafe itself. Interestingly, the cafe has committed to a flexible menu, with the stocks varying by day and baker. It’s risky, and as such, consistency is undoubtedly going to be a problem. Indeed, while Daniel Food Diary has overall turned up a positive review, mine is a lot worse – much, much worse. How bad? Enough to make this one of the nominees for worst eatery in 2015.

The Two Berries Cheesecake was a complete disaster from the very first bite. Sunken centre, soggy salty biscuit, cracks running across the top (undoubtedly, hence the need for the decorative top). I suspect the baker compromised on the ingredients, possibly opting for low or reduced fat alternatives, or he/she couldn’t follow simple instructions, or just wasn’t skilled enough to tackle the capricious recipe.

The next cake, dubbed The Princess wasn’t much better too. I mean, just look at the picture: the sponge wasn’t well done; the meringue looked like it had seen greater heights, and on top of it all, the flavors were on the whole, just missing. Without the sweetness of the meringue, the cake wouldn’t be completely flavorless. I understand Singaporeans are the Goldilocks of Asia, but this “not too sweet” cake was nearly not sweet at all.

And yes, I’m pissed off. I was pissed off, because while I was willing to entertain the idea of ‘omakase’, I didn’t expect the product to be so inferior. Worse still are the prices they’re charging. SGD 2.20 for a cinnamon bun the size of Chewy Junior’s samples? 8 dollars for such a small, not-ev en-good cake?

Fuck you guys, man.


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