Johor Bahru: Doi Chaang Coffee | City Square

If you want to play, you better know what you’re dealing with.

Despite Singapore’s heavy penalties on substance use, the numbers of users is actually rising, fast. What are they using? Well, according to a recent Central Narcotics Bureau statistic, heroin and methamphetamine, mostly.

Why? Methamphetamine, which can be inhaled, smoked, injected or eaten, basically does what people want caffeine to do to them. That is, to give the individual a rush of confidence, hyperactiveness and energy while decreasing appetite. I suppose you can see the appeal of its function in clubs, sex, sports, and even societally, which demands supermodel bodies out of women, and porn star bodies out of men. However, it’s a very short-lived experience, and the negative feelings that were suppressed and not channeled out properly previously will return in a similar intensity. This breeds a cycle of continuous use if the individual is unable to will it out.

But due to meth’s short time effect (maximum of up to 24 hours), and its cost per use, users tend to graduate to heroin use.

Heroin, which can only be injected, is basically death as it’s virtually impossible to stop – like Pringles, really. Still, people are still in pursuit of it because the physical effect it has on users is actually fashionable. Want to know what you’ll look like as a heroin addict? One need only to look at the styling of Korean male singers like BIG BANG’s TOP or SHINEE’s Jong Hyun – fair, waxy complexion, dark circles under the eyes and blank expressions. They perpetuate the heroin addict look which was, and still remains fashionable in the West among fashion campaigns and rock stars.

Why am I talking about all this?

Well, much of the world’s heroin and methamphetamine use is manufactured in the border regions of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar known as the Golden Triangle. The resin of the poppy plant is combined with regular medicine like panadol, along with everyday household chemicals like battery acid, lighter fluid and drain cleaner to create meth, while heroin is made with the same things except that its base ingredient, unlike meth isn’t opium directly, but morphine, a product made from opium. And while drug lords rule these lands, the actual manufacturing is performed by regular townspeople who are allured by the promise of freedom from poverty.

Because of this, the drug wars that law enforcement agencies fight is a futile one. To turn the tables, the people need to realize that there are other ways to free themselves from poverty, that there are other jobs which are just as financially fulfilling. That’s why Doi Chaang Coffee, a Thai cafe chain, is picking up steam and gradually expanding.

Growing certified organic Arabica, which fetches a premium in the developed world, combined with in-house processing plants, drying facilities and storage warehouses, Doi Chaang Coffee is providing suitable and sustainable employment for families living in the Golden Triangle. The support of Doi Chaang Coffee is a support for a cleaner healthier world.

I didn’t really know this, when I decided to chill out here while Titus did his hair.

Anyways, the rainbow cake was light and spongey and the signature Doi Chaang coffee, unlike your more conventional cafe chains, actually tasted like coffee.

What’s not to love?


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