Bucktile St. | Faber Drive, Clementi

I had a feeling…

You know, the Michelin guides defines two stars as such: “excellent cooking, worth a detour”.

And Darren and I did just that, a detour, that is, from Raffles Place to the deep west coast to sample a patisserie so mythical, and so rare, it was the only spot in the country which had it: blue velvet cake. He seemed obsessed, so I went along with it, hoping that it’d actually be worth the special journey (the definition of three Michelin stars, by the way).

Bucktile St. is an anagram for “bucket list”, which is coincidentally the theme of the cafe. Indeed, there is a collage board where customers are encouraged to pen down their bucket lists. There is also a shelf of trinkets such as accessories, ornaments and food such as peanut butter, but are placed so haphazardly or rather, too prettily, that it’s hard to discern if the whole thing’s a display set piece, or actually for sale. Overall, there’s a decidedly European feel to the cafe, and it’s nice.

Arguably, the cafe’s biggest unique selling point is the blue velvet cake. It’s certainly very photogenic, and while I largely enjoyed the cake, which was soft and fluffy, I was infinitely aware that this wasn’t a “velvet cake” at all. Technically, red velvet cakes are actually chocolate cakes – the use of acidic vinegar and buttermilk, which function to moisten and fluff up the cake, exposes the red coloring in cocoa (this gives chocolate its brown color). Coloring is then added to enhance this brown into the red you see in red velvet cakes. The final component is the cream cheese icing, which serves to contrast the flavors against the chocolate…the “you truly appreciate sweet when you’ve tasted the savory” mantra.

Now that we’re all better educated, you can see why I’m dissatisfied. This “blue velvet cake” was simply just a regular sponge cake, divided into layers, and separated by what tasted like regular cream. If there was any chocolate cake in it at all, it was completely lost. In comparison, the “It’s A Rainbow” cake tasted what a red velvet cake should taste like.

But, you know what, people here don’t really care about the technicalities. They’ve called it a blue velvet cake, so it must be a velvet cake, because it’s blue. It looks good, so…that’s all that matters really, right? Of course that’s all it really matters. Darren came, Darren ate, and Darren instagrammed – mission accomplished.


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