Honeycomb | Bali Lane

The boys from Stateland Cafe have fucked it up again.

This time, they’re chasing the Korean soft serve and frozen yoghurt fad with the simply christened Honeycomb a few steps away. You could be forgiven for thinking you’ve entered Stateland Cafe, though. They’ve kept a consistent look across both concepts.

The menu is kept significantly simpler, with just 5 “flavors”: classic, chocolate, caramel, matcha, as well as apple and cinnamon. When I say “flavors”, I really mean that they add the respective sauces, not that there is really a “matcha flavored soft serve”, for example. Each serving comes with honeycomb, and a syringe filled with liquid honey. I don’t really know what purpose does the syringe serve, but I’ve to admit, it’s a little bit fun.

There’s nothing wrong with the above concept per se, until you come to the actual eating.

Unfortunately, the soft serve for some reason, feels very thin-bodied, diluted, and “homemade” in a disastrously unflattering way. It makes for a very weak flavored ice cream, and is unable to compliment the intense flavors of the honeycomb and honey.

All in all, quite a shit attempt.


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