Beegurt | Thomson V Two

Could this be the best froyo in Singapore yet?

Where did time go?

“I can’t believe it’s December!”

I know the phrase is clichéd and all, but damn, time really flew. I wish I could mourn my lost time – ridden in regret, recounting the stories of being married to my work. The truth is, after my usual dining kaki, Darren took off for Melbourne, I’ve had a lifestyle change.

Gymming. Almost every other day.

A few months back, I decided that I wanted to not only be fit, I wanted to look good – to command a confident (almost smug) physical presence. So, I got a trainer, committed to a gym, and am working my darnedest to bulk up. I’ll admit, it’s hard, especially after a lot of sex, drugs and alcohol (but mostly laziness) that I’ve succumbed to in recent years, but you know, you’ve just gotta do it.

Anyways, back to food.

The yoghurt trend in Singapore has been lacklustre, to say the least, with spurts here and there, but never really taking off. Yami Yoghurt was just not cool enough for the masses to get into it. The “anti-Ben & Jerry’s” movement of psychedelic do-it-yourself “froyo” stores was as cute as it lasted. J.Co.’s yoghurt was good, but suffered from poor marketing. It seemed like the yoghurt just couldn’t catch its break here.

Then came Spanish chain, Llao Llao, and everything changed.

Riding on the bandwagon is a tiny little watering hole in the up-and-coming district of Upper Thomson. Beegurt, located at Thomson V Two, a.k.a. a few steps away from OZ Specialty Coffee’s former spot, sells frozen yoghurt. Visually, its area of differentiation is the compliment of raw honeycomb, the alleged “nectar of the gods”, said to tout health benefits to combat allergies and other health-related issues. The toppings are all natural, and are a tinge frozen. It might be me, but I thought the frozen strawberries were not only refreshing, but retained their sweetness better than other places.

The star however, must be the yoghurt of course. Creamy and fuller bodied, it had a consistency that was close to Greek yoghurt, and I really liked that.

I’m definitely coming down again.


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