Bangkok | Wasabi Falabella, Siam Paragon

Good food doesn’t always need to have a good review, it just is.

When it comes to weekend getaways, you’d want to maximize your stay. You’d want to get in as quick as possible, and get out as late as possible. However, with fixed check-out times, achieving the latter isn’t always ideal.

Unfortunately, I had only managed to negotiate a “late check-out” at 3pm – too little time for a morning’s day out, and too much time left. So, I lazed by the poolside before checking-out slightly before 2pm. Once that was done, I left my luggage with the hotel valet, and with nothing besides my wallet and digital camera, headed to Siam to spend my last few hours in Bangkok.

I was single-minded about trying the well-documented Mr. Jones Orphanage for its desserts, so I resolved for a simple, “light-ish” lunch. “I’d touch and go”, I told myself. But when you’re in the food hall of Siam Paragon, it’s easier said than done. Everything just looks so good. I wandered about a good few rounds before I settled on an oddly named place called Wasabi Falabella, which, apparently sold a fusion of Japanese and Italian food.

My scallop with squid ink spaghetti has gotta be the best black ink spaghetti for its price (under SGD 20). You know, there are some places that do squid ink cos’ “everyone’s doing it”, and there are some places that understand its use. This was certainly one of the few mid-ranged restaurants that got it. It just tasted so right, you know? And the scallops…seriously fresh and beautifully sauteed.

What more could I ask?


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