Bangkok | After You Dessert Cafe, Siam Paragon

Toast so nice, I ate it twice!

Very rarely do I go back to something again barely one day after I’ve eaten it, no matter how much I love it. However, there’s just a comforting sweetness in the embrace of After You Dessert Cafe’s Shibuya Honey Toast that you just want to savour once more.

I had a bit of time after check-out and departure – about five hours actually – so, leaving my luggage with the hotel’s valet, I took a short trip back to Siam, not really intending to have Shibuya Honey Toast again, actually. Instead, I wanted to try the much raved Mr. Jones Orphanage, a whimsical dessert spot in Siam Center, after a light lunch, of course.

However, somehow, even with tables available – without a queue or anything – I didn’t, I couldn’t. The smell of the irresistible buttery brick toast against the sweet-smelling honey, at least in theory, eventually trumped over whimsical and surrealistic “Alice In Wonderland” style cakes of Mr Jones Orphanage. I had to have After You once more.

Feeling a lot fuller than expected, I opted for the “baby size” Shibuya Honey Chocolate Toast. It was good, but might I say, it wasn’t as good as yesterday’s experience at Siam Square One. Perhaps there were quality consistency issues at Siam Paragon, dealing with the high turnover. The “baby size” just wasn’t as warm nor as buttery as the classic, although this could be due to the variation of flavor.

Either way, I’m unfazed. I want to come back to Bangkok someday soon, and have this again.


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