Bangkok | Mango Tango, Siam Square

For mango lovers only.

You kinda know your hairstylist has done a good job when you walk out, and guys and girls around pass envious glances. Yup, my hair was short and awesomely styled, and I was getting noticed once more. I’m awesome, but I was also hungry.

Rather than have dinner – there was this highly recommended place at plain view – I decided I’d have some more dessert. There was an official Hello Kitty cafe which I was quite tempted to visit. But I had passed by Mango Tango on the way to Siam Square earlier, and it seemed cool, so I thought it’d be a great place to dine.

I mean, there’s no perfect place to have dessert than in an air-conditioned container blasting house music…it’s so reminiscent of Tokyo.

Mango Tango is a tribute to Thai mangoes, and Thai mango desserts. I ordered some signature dish, which serves mango in three ways: in a pudding, in a sorbet, and the actual fruit. I thought it was a really swell idea, and of course, sitting and watching the world go by is just…heavenly.


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