Jakarta: Krispy Kreme | Bellagio Mall Jakarta, Kuningan

It’s 23 degrees Celsius.

The sun’s shining, the breeze surprisingly chilly… The warmed up doughnuts and piping warm cup of English Breakfast is invigorating in this oddly sunny, almost cold morning. In a few minutes, my reason for visiting Jakarta will be validated. In a few minutes, my life as I see it will change, and be shaped by the moments in the next few minutes.

No, I’m not meeting him (oh, how I wish I could…). I’d be meeting a representative of a Milan-based fashion school which has its East Asian campus in the Indonesian capital. I cannot believe it, I don’t think you can comprehend my excitement. Whatever she’ll say, she’ll affect my life in ways that you may never know…

Oh, if you’re wondering, Krispy Kreme’s everywhere across Jakarta, as common as Starbucks is in Singapore. However, the selections here are vastly different compared to Singapore’s. In fact, I’d say that aside from the branding, which is the same as Singapore’s, Krispy Kreme in Jakarta is closer in selections as J.Co. and the now defunct Donut Factory, to put it in a local perspective. My favorite, indulgent and incredibly sinful American Cheesecake doesn’t even exist here!


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