Ten-Ichi Udon at Shokutsu 10 | Nex, Serangoon

My mum has been on a herbal streak these past weeks.

When left at home, she’d prepare this most vile porridge consisting of dates, wolfberry, dried scallop and a bunch of herbs that one might classically put to make black chicken soup. The bitterness is vulgar, lingering in your tastebuds for hours on end, and that’s just the sensation after the first mouth. And guess what, it was a Sunday and she was at it again! (You’ll realize my blog posts have been occuring on a Sunday these past weeks)

Previously, I had some motivation to go out, be it to check out the new light-rail line or some summer blockbuster. But today, I was quite stumped. I could watch Rise of The Planet of The Apes, but for some reason, I’ve never showed any interest in watching that. I could stay at home, but I’d starve. So, with a heavy heart, I went where my feet took me…but it was quite frankly, a little difficult. So, I picked up sticks at reasons to go out until I found one: buying under garments! It was perfect: I’ve been losing a lot of weight and waist this past year, sizing from a 32″ to 30″, and from 72 to 64kg, so I definitely needed some update in the underwear area.

nex, as you’ll know, is not my favorite spot nor is it any one of my top places to recommend any tourists to visit. But, it had Isetan, which is my department store of choice for purchasing underwear. There wasn’t much that grabbed me, so I settled for the Shokutsu 10 Japanese food street, and picked the second least full spot: Ten-Ichi Udon.

Ten-Ichi Udon looks like it’s better than Tokyo-based chain, Tamoya but in reality, is the poor cousin. On the surface, Ten-Ichi Udon appears to have more variety of udon, and more high value selection of tempura. The ordering system is the same: you specify what bowl of udon or curry rice you want, collect your main, then proceed to choose your tempura before paying at the end of line. The prices are quite a bit more expensive, though. While a bowl at Tamoya begins at SGD 4.80, you’re getting one here for at least six bucks.

I didn’t really have a real issue with the udon, but it’s clear that Tamoya beats Ten-Ichi out of the park at tempura. The batter is a tad stiff and is more oily than its rival chain, and lacks the lightness of tempura batter. As a result, there’s a certain filling sensation which you wouldn’t normally expect. It’s a pity Tamoya doesn’t get its due credit, though.


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