Poulet | Changi Airport Terminal 3

We’re all at a crossroads.

Despite all you’ve been through together, it’s easy to forget that journeys do diverge. Take me for example: there was a time when I honestly thought that my best friends and I were going to stick to each other after we graduated. “It’d just be like in school, but like, forever”, I thought. Alas, unbeknownst to even ourselves, destiny had other plans. We went to different schools, we had different interests, we studied different things. We were also different people, believed in different things, had different aspirations. And in all that process, developed a new set of friends. Life happened, and we weren’t necessarily there at those important junctures, not because we didn’t want to, but because circumstances that we couldn’t control prevented from participating.

It took me a while to reconcile with that, I’ll be honest with you. And it was especially difficult for me too, particularly because they didn’t necessarily understand my struggles with clinical depression, and because of that, they were the most farthest at a time when I needed them the most…

Oh well, what’s past has past. My point is that we’re all in this journey called “life”. And this evening, my colleagues and I were commemorating yet another’s milestone or ‘what-have-you’, her last day and the beginning of a stage in life. On her choice, we had Poulet for dinner.

You’ll recall that I didn’t particularly enjoy Poulet previously, but it’s not like I have a choice here, right?

But it has been a while since I’ve indulged in eating, really. I have my meals and all, but when you’ve got a job like mine, food just becomes a form of sustenance. You’re not eating for the sake of eating, and I really miss that. So, in a way, I appreciate being able to kick back, relax and not think of anything else.

To begin, I had the French Onion Soup. The taste was not unlike Mark’s & Spencer’s canned version, and in that sense, it was okay, I guess. The crotons really made the difference, and gave the otherwise monotone soup some crunch, literally. We also ordered the Salad du Paris, which provided us with our vegetable intake for the day.

I’m skimming through everything, here. Poulet is by the Minor Food Group, a.k.a. the guys who brought you Thai Express, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, i.e. the king of affordable, passable dining. They’re not winning any awards for their dishes anytime soon, but they provide a themed restaurant for which everybody can get together, socialize, chat through the media of their dining spaces.

But there are some hidden gems, albeit unexpectedly. I suppose they themselves don’t really know that they’ve stumbled onto something great. The mashed potato is really good. It’s soft and light, and while not in the perfect consistency of Atelier de Joel Robuchon’s, it’s definitely something that’s above the rest, as is the tiramisu…one of the best in the business.

And then comes the chicken… Oh, I’ve had nightmares about it, not because it’s horrible, but because we’ve over ordered, and as one of only two guys, I was obligated to finish it. The dish itself, was okay. Having visited France Paris, I’ve certainly haven’t eaten anything that resembles the chicken at Poulet in terms of the sauce, which is a wine-infused mushroom cream sauce. I don’t particularly enjoy any cream-based dishes, to be honest. The only thing I really enjoyed was Modesto’s Carbonara pasta, but that’s one in a million. Thankfully though, the chicken floats above the shallow pool of sauce, so I was able to really enjoy the chicken without getting all the cream sauce.


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