OZ Specialty Coffee | Thomson V Two, Upper Thomson

Monday blues are best cured with a Monday brew!

It was just one of those Mondays when I was home and I’m like, “You know, I could do with a Flat White (because…I don’t know what’s the difference between a Long Black and a Brown Town)”, so I decided to grab nothing and headed downstairs (and walk to the bus-stop, board the next bus and four stops later, I’m there) at my neighborhood cafe for a good brew.

I live in a good area, I think. I’ve got several neighborhood cafes, which is just a lift down and not totally four bus-stops away, to choose from. Like bees to honey, i.e. attracted by a group of seductively boyish creatives, each adhering to a contemporary male stereotype including “the Justin Timberlake”, “the Korean”, “the devil-may-care bad boy” and “the guy who’s so unbelievably good looking that despite his Asian roots, he’d still be in an A&F ad”, I went to OZ Specialty Coffee.

I’m no connossieur, but damn, was that Flat White good or what? Sure, the latte art was a tad poor but personally, I’ve never really understood the need for it anyways. But besides that, the coffee had a good body through and through – the milk never overpowering the coffee, the latter never coming off as overbaked. And what’s more, it complemented the chocolate cake perfectly. I was a little surprised as to how the whole experience today has been, but I wanna come again. And since it’s just downstairs, I could totally come anytime I want.


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