Carpenter and Cook Jr. | Upper Thomson

You can kinda tell Upper Thomson is getting kinda hip and cool when you see 1) Starbucks…

(don’t whine, they were literally the first to be there), 2) good ice-cream parlors, 3) the ubiquitous roti prata and mee pok stalls and finally, cafes. There’s the centrally located Habitat Coffee whose great service makes up for the fairly average coffee (in my opinion). At Thomson V, you’ve also got Dutch Colony Coffee “affiliate” November 8, Fluffy White Cloud whose space also doubles up as a TOKYObay watch flagship store, and OZ Specialty Coffee which contradictory to its name, serves up organic Thai coffee. A kilometre up the road, you’ve got Western Australia-based chain, Yahava. Even if it doesn’t look that way, the scene’s quite crowded which is why Carpenter and Cook’s second store, a takeaway concept located sort of adjacent to Starbucks, works.

Homegrown bakery and boulangerie Carpenter and Cook has won the hearts of food afficianados across the island with its organic fresh jams, delicate cinnamon rolls, zesty sweet lemon drizzle cakes and its cozy vintage setup. At its Upper Thomson pop-up, you can expect the same things as well. For my lunch “to-go”, I decided to pack a mushroom and capsicum quiche and a favorite of mine, pain au chocolat.

The quiche was faultless. The pastry was cooked through, had the appropriate thickness and was light and crisp. The flavors of the filling came up very strongly, and the smokiness of that capsicum contrasted well with the creaminess of the mushroom. I wasn’t floored by the pain au chocolat, however. Despite the richness of that sweet dark chocolate, the bake was let down by the general heaviness of the dough. I feel like if I threw it at someone’s face, they might have a black eye. It was almost cake-like where one might’ve expected a light and silky interior. The pain au chocolat was still passable, I finished it, although not with much enthusiasm.

Bar that little misadventure, I think I’ve got a place to look forward to for lunch if I want something “Euro”.


One thought on “Carpenter and Cook Jr. | Upper Thomson

  1. I rather like a cakey croissant actually, but then I’d take a dense (though not talking kueh-like dense) sweet thing over a fluffy one pretty much anyday. the food looks good though, and meshes with the generally positive vibes I’m feeling for this place – I wish thomson road were a little more transport-friendly though.

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