Creamier | Blk 128, Toa Payoh

Ice cream’s almost perfect, but the waffle’s kinda shit.

According to my camera’s photo manager Sony PlayMemories, I first visited Creamier on 6.29, which some of you might fondly remember as Pink Dot. That event is a gathering of like-minded individuals who share in the idea that love has no boundaries. It’s a big deal, and a cause worth supporting because it’s the disadvantaged minorities of today’s society, such as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities who bear the brunt of discrimination, and the denial by the state to appreciate their existence. I didn’t go in the end, because attending it (without the right people) was futile. It meant the world to me – I was honestly moved – when my MI friends Bert, Inez and Najib (who’re straight) attended the event with me. I know it was difficult for them to accept the sights they were seeing, but just in the knowledge that they were there because they wanted to take a stand for me was all I ever wanted. I had once hoped that my best friends would be there for me, but alas, I know and accept that some people can never accept it or look or talk to me in the same way ever again. And while I’m sad – because nothing in me has changed – I have to accept their decisions, or rather, their silence.

Located at the void deck of some generic residential apartment in Toa Payoh North and equidistant to Caldecott and Braddell stations, is Creamier, which is quite literally, a hole in the wall establishment. The shop’s small, seating’s cramped, but there’s a certain convivial sensibility to the atmosphere undoubtedly aided by the smooth, soft and piped-in Brazilian bossa nova and old-school French chansons…if you can get in. Otherwise, the residential district’s park grounds, particularly in the evenings, is unofficially overtaken by Creamier’s customers. No hanky pankying in the playground, no drunks drinking more by the tiled tables. Every available seat’s occupied by diners determined to have a dine-in experience, and it does, to a large extent, add to its local heartland charm. The rest, are equally content just standing around, getting a fix of this creamy and buttery soft serve. Forget gelare, forget your calories, for Creamier invites its diners to indulge in their rich, textured ice creams with aromatic coffees. A mix of everything makes Creamier one of my favorite ice cream parlors in Singapore.

Many enjoy the Roasted Pistachio, Black Sesame and others, but the truth is the selection is pretty good all around (although I still consider Salted Caramel to have the best Rum & Raisin and the best Salted Caramel in Singapore). The Chocolate, which we ordered this evening to compliment our waffle was to die for. The effort to procure dark couverture chocolate was noticeable, with the different layers of flavors in contrast – a hint of subtle bitterness against a embracing sweetness. I must say though, despite the seductive linger of freshly baked waffles, it was disappointing. The pastry had a consistency quite similar to muffins, and therefore refused to absorb the ice cream flavors as waffles should rightly do. There was a savory butter sensation that was hell-bent on over-complicating the sophisticated flavors in Creamier’s ice cream.

Personally speaking, despite all the pros for Creamier, the cons are quite significant. Adding to the complication is that I live in Sin Ming: I’ve got Salted Caramel, which in my opinion, has enough good flavors and has the best waffle and ice cream combination, Brown Rice, Wafflelicious, Scoopz and Neli’s. So…it’s hard to make a decision.


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