Lucha Loco | Duxton Hill

This is too expensive to be street food.

Classically, the last thing one might associate with street food is “gourmet”. After all, there’s a certain gritty, raw and dissonance to street food that gives it a real, unpretentious personality, at least, that’s what we upper middle class people like to think of street food. On Darren’s recommendation, who read Traveling Hungryboy, we went to check out Lucha Loco.

Why this place is getting rave reviews is beyond me. Beyond the food, which is allegedly authentic (I’m not too sure who said that. I don’t even know anybody who knows someone who has actually been to Mexico), I felt like I was made to feel unwelcomed. The service standards in Singapore aren’t all that stellar, but the local staff here notched it down into the “almost fail” standard with their expressionless, lack of acknowledgement and generally, a switched off attitude that was ruffling me up. Perhaps I came in with all the wrong expectations. The set up resembles that of a bar that you might find in any hip and edgy district in any part of the world. And the bar bites, with a seemingly Mexican theme, with what I thought were really canapes than appetizers or main courses, really. Overall, it was the kind of place you went before you hit the club.

I can’t recommend Lucha Loco for Mexican food. While people may rave about its authenticity, I cannot help but feel that if you want Mexican street food or Mexican food for any matter, you might be better off at Piedra Negra or Senor Taco, even if the food isn’t as good, allegedly.


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