Europe Echelon: Paris: Trocadero, Champs de Mars

It’s like looking at the insides of a watch, don’t you think?

From Place de la Porte Maillot, it’s a straight road along Avenue de Malakoff which continues after Avenue Foch as Avenue Raymond Poincare through Place Victor Hugo to my next destination. I thought that since I was in Paris, it was only right that I started my journey, proper, at Jardins du Trocadero. The gardens’ main attraction is the Fountain of Warsaw, a collection of fountains, including twelve fountains which create twelve metre high columns, twenty-four small fountains four metres high, ten arches of water, and at one end, twenty powerful water cannons. It’s all quite impressive, considering it’s been working as it was designed to since 1937. But more importantly, it’s part of one of the most scenic, picturesque backgrounds ever, especially if you stand at the open wide esplanade of the Palais de Chaillot, where millions of people have done, and countless Hollywood films have been set. It’s because the esplanade offers a raised view to the Eiffel Tower and beyond into Paris.

I really try to keep an open mind, but seeing so many people – no, so many couples, capturing themselves kissing in front of the Tour Eiffel was absolutely heart wrenching. I felt happy for them, but as much positive emotion I was for them, it came with a severe pounding in my chest. You try, you know, life is all about connections, and the loneliness starts to become very apparent.

Now, I want you to know that I’ve got pictures of the Eiffel Tower in whole, but I’m not going to give you that satisfaction.

Okay, maybe I will.

The strobbing of the Eiffel Tower at the hour was very hard to shoot. So, I had to expose it. It came out blur, but it gives you a sense of the intensity.

I really love this picture. I’d imagine the sculptures coming to life when no one’s around, basking under the illumination of the Tour Eiffel.

With that, I walked down the foggy Champs de Mars, and made my way slowly back to my apartment.


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