Paris: EXKi | Paris-CDG Terminal 2F

Waiting over coffee.

Having spaced out my connecting flight to Amsterdam, I had about two hours. Terminal 2F has two concourses, and it isn’t large, and not much to do, so with time to kill, I grab some coffee. The only two F&B outlets were Paul and another cafe that seemed to be more populated called EXKi. EXKi is a Belgian fast-casual chain restaurant which emphasizes fresh and natural ingredients. Think of it as the continental breakfast department of a hotel’s buffet breakfast spread, but better. There are breads, spreads, cold cuts, and on the heavier side, salads and meals for heating all for affordable prices. When I say affordable, it’s “affordable” in the European context.

I grabbed a Cafe Latte, and a Pain Au Chocolat. What surprised me was how superior the Pain Au Chocolat was. It was on par or perhaps better than Gontran Cherrier’s Tiong Bahru Bakery and Maison Kayser in Singapore. The coffee, I’d say, is very French – nothing fancy, but still pretty good. It helped me bide time.


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