Delicious | Scotts Square

Not as delicious as it looks.

Keidi and I met up for dinner. I guess you could describe it as a birthday treat, but to be honest, after a certain age, celebrating birthdays lose their meaning after all. When you’re young, you’re rife with ambition and can’t wait to see what the world offers, but once you cross that threshold, you’re just waiting for death. Anyways, Keidi suggested we dine at Delicious at Scotts Square which a place I’ve always wanted to try for a long time. Call me shallow, but the restraint Mediterranean decor with its mystical turquoise blue accents felt cosy and inviting. The opportunity never came up till now.

Delicious is a chain restaurant from Malaysia, or “across the Causeway” as Singaporeans like to call it. “The Causeway”, of course, referring to the causeway which straddles the narrow Straits of Johor acting as a natural border separating Singapore from Malaysia. While Delicious claims to serve a mixture of Asian and Western dishes, it’s more of a Malaysian interpretation of international favorites spliced in with Malaysian classics plated Western style. In that respect, the concept is similar to Violet Oon’s Kitchen, except that it’s not as good. The noticeably Asian dishes retain their flavor, while the Western dishes, no matter how removed, such as Mama’s Beef Bolognese Spaghettini, are injected with a zest of Malaysian flavors. This will undoubtedly be unsettling for purists, since there is no prior warning nor indication of how “localized” your order is until it’s too late. So, if you like your burgers American and pastas Italian, stay away. Strictly speaking, the food here is passable, but it’s really nothing to tell your friends about… unless you’ve got a big group and you need to cater to those annoying few in the party who, despite the rarity of these reunions, insist on this chance indulgence. It’s a great place to have a decent, affordable meal – sit, stay and talk, and the fact that it’s tucked in the sparsely populated and conveniently ignored Scotts Square means you never really feel the pressure of having to sacrifice property to satisfy the hunger of those in the queue.

We start with the Chili Con Carne Cheese Fries… Oh goodness, why am I even doing this? I feel like Jeremy Renner being told by my manager that I’ve to take up this shitty role in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters if only to continue to get the fangirl screams hurling because continued screaming earns me leading man status. Okay, I’m not Jeremy Renner. If I don’t wanna write about Delicious, no one can stop me. About the cheese fries, I’ve to say it’s not very interesting. The portion’s unnecessarily huge, but quantity doesn’t always equate to quality, and this proves the saying right once again. The chili con carne was bland, almost tasteless, even. This dish works on the shredded cheese being able to seamlessly melt into the piping hot chili to give it extra character and flavor – it didn’t. Instead, it sat there, looking positively pretty but doing in itself to enhance the fries. Don’t get me wrong, though. I don’t have expensive tastes – I’m not the type that goes, this restaurant’s french fries are better because they have truffle in it. All I ask for food is to taste good and appetizing, I don’t care where it comes from or who it’s done by – if it’s delicious, it is. If Wendy and Carl’s Jr. can present a comforting and hearty version of this, I really can’t see why Delicious served us such mediocrity. The Aglio Olio with Seafood was just as bland, but I’m more partial to plain tasting pasta because it’s really just a matter of adding more salt to right the seasoning.


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