Maccha House | Orchard Central

Another green tea house, and it’s not bad.

There’s another green tea house in town, and its name is Maccha House. The cafe is just one of the many brand concepts by Japan’s Create Restaurants Holdings – offering everything from the high-end to the communal, Japanese to French and even Chinese cuisine. The restaurant group isn’t particularly new to Singapore – Causeway Point’s Shabu Sai, Plaza Singapura’s Hifumi and The Central’s Chiso Zanmai and Haramiya are also their work. The group also has a fairly large presence in China, with various Japanese and Chinese concepts in Hong Kong, Chengdu and Shanghai. Shanghai’s various Nanxiang group of outlets – one of Shanghai’s more popular go-to places for la mian and xiao long bao, yes, even that one in Yuyuan Gardens, is theirs, too, apparently.

As the country’s ancient capital and close to the mythical city for green tea, Uji, Maccha House is marketed as a modern Kyoto cafe to enjoy tea and desserts. If you’re in Kyoto, you’ll find Maccha House conveniently located at Kyoto OIOI (pronounced Kyoto Marui) in Shijo Kawaramachi at its restaurant level at 8F. It’s right above Hankyu Kawaramachi station, but depending on the railway pass you’re holding, you might have to exit at Keihan’s Gion-Shijo station or the Kyoto Subway’s Karasuma or Shijo stations. If that’s too much trouble, then just take the MRT to Somerset and walk to Orchard Central where Maccha House’s local representation’s at. Unlike Tsujiri or even Nana’s Green Tea, there’s no shortage of space at Maccha House. Also, the menu appears to be more comprehensive than what’s offered in China and Japan!

There are some signature desserts available, but I decided to skip those because my dinner at Charlie & Co. had been pretty filling, and I’ve to be honest with myself – I’m not adventurous when it comes to Japanese dessert. So, once again, I ordered the Anmitsu, this time, the Soft Serve Maccha Anmitsu. At SGD 8.9, it was admittedly pricier than similar places. It was served with azuki red bean, green tea jelly, tangerine and citrus slices with a shot of green tea syrup, and served with a really rich cup of tea. The Anmitsu wasn’t as good as Saint Marc Cafe’s, but as a whole, I thought it was good.

I have to comment about the staff, particularly a tubby gentleman, who was not exceedingly rude nor competent, but he did not look accessible nor approachable.


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