Paris Menswear | 3.1 Phillip Lim F/W 2013

I’ve never been a real fan of 3.1 Phillip Lim.

We got off on the wrong start. His aesthetics on accessories for women, to me, was so dull, I wrote him off. Plus he’s Asian, and Asians… say what you like, but it’s not in us to support until he or she has been given the white man’s blessing, then we jump all over it. You can’t blame us, though. After all, much of Asia has been denied the right to rule for a century whilst under colonial rule. So, naturally, we get a bit unsure about judgement sometimes.

Phillip Lim injects a little anesthetic to the camouflage theme seen in Spring Summer. While the prints are a little more sedate, the attitude is anything but with a biker boy in the urban jungle look. The silhouette is elongated and slim, and the color palette recalling military camo, with a tinge of burgundy.

Why “biker boy”? The leather motocross jacket, striped leather biker shacket and leather jeans are strongly featured here, updated with contrast banding – which is made up of multiple fabric-blocked stripes to make it look like jeans. This patchwork graduates into the military style combat jackets as well as camouflage parkas and camo-inspired applique styled with big tunic sweaters.


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