Milan Menswear | Gucci F/W 2013

So, these are the trends…

To be completely honest, I’ve never once looked at Gucci’s clothes. I’m not sure if this holds true elsewhere, but in Singapore, Gucci’s more known for its accessories – satchels, weekenders, totes, as well as cardholders and wallets, are highly desired by the people here.

The look’s “modern military”, but in reality, it’s more like “highlights of Fall/Winter 2013”. The collection, perhaps because of the order of its showing, is nothing you haven’t seen done in Milan earlier this week and London before that. It however, does confirm several key styles that has been consistently showing up. The heritage checks, this time the Prince of Wales checks and windowpane checks, which we saw explored by brands such as Burberry and Versace, appear here. Tailored suits are styled with polo shirts and soft cravats or scarves. Outerwear gets the guardsman jacket treatment, the sky blue flannel seems to be popular although I didn’t find as appealing. The military vibe flows with velvet-collared greatcoats and short colorful reefer jackets. Pants, as has been the trend for a while now, are slim and skim the ankle. Knitwear is yet another highlight, with soft brushed crew-neck sweaters, textured fisherman ribs and fine gauge polos.


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