Milan Menswear | Versace F/W 2013

I’m actually kinda embarrassed to say that I’m starting to like Versace.

For so many seasons, Versace has put out a line of clothes that could only be described as “gay”, or “Olympic”, and I’m gay! Just take a look at the company’s campaign for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. It’s what I’d imagine Greek gods and goddesses would be doing on Mount Olympus, or a harem – one or the other, really. I saw it as a costume, rather than fashion, but even then, I still enjoyed the looks – something I’m not always partial to. In fact, when I first saw the campaign, and saw the strapping tanned and toned hunks, I got hard. I know, it surprised me too. Anyways, Versace’s never been my cup of tea, although, if I was a real hunk of a man – you know, the beautiful bronze tan, muscles, that chiseled jaw line, azure olive eyes, brunette hair, and white, I’d totally dig it.

Donatella surprisingly, shows restraint with this new collection. However, I must add that it didn’t look like she was willing – it’s almost as if she caved into the demands of the hetero community before deciding it was too dull and not her style. This is probably as “straight” as Donatella goes, because the look has been ironically billed “the macho man”. The testosterone fired masculinity is a culmination of a mash of concepts, from classic tailoring in heritage checks to the street-wear, 90s rapper look. Before anyone screams “Chanel” or “Burberry”, the look is quickly taken for a playful spin – the checks are spliced together, which creates symmetry and asymmetry. Oversized animal prints also attempt to inject a bout of youthfulness and vitality into an otherwise safe yet mundane look (read: sartorial). Unlike others, the collection never quite beats the soul out of one design before moving to the next.

The next two concepts are what I’d call the macho test. It’s kind of like how some straight guys wear pink – to prove their masculinity. The street-wear inspired looks are your Zadig & Voltaire grunge outfits. Instead, it’s taken very literally – colorful, almost floral-like graffiti prints and baroque details line bomber and jean construction jackets – it’s going to be a daunting challenge for all those who attempt. The last one is a continuation from the underwear debut last season (SS13) that made me so hard – black stretch lace onesies paired with mink and fox fur coats… Oh I’m sorry, I was jerking off already.


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