London Collections: Men | Sibling F/W 2013

From Gaga to IKEA…

Sibling’s one of those labels that get standing ovations at showcases. Envious designers will silently beat on themselves wondering why they didn’t think of this before. Most editors will praise it to the skies, but there will certainly be a handful who’ll undoubtedly play the “people” card – hypocritical, if you ask me, considering that the business of fashion is selling an impossible goal. Stylists become abuzz with concepts to pitch to publications who’re all too ready to approve – some will face objection, but titles who take themselves wayyy more seriously than they should, will enjoy having the works showcased here. The public perception however, will be very much different – negative, in fact, as they mock the impracticability and sheer stupidity of the line, and fashion in general.

The styling seen in London certainly made the models look like big babies, and downright cartoonish. The collection’s birth begins with baby blue and powder pink, but gradually mixes a healthy dose of black before graduating to a bestial fire engine red. Over-sizing, a strong theme last year is exaggerated with larger-than-life neckline collars, as well as huge ass knit mittens that look inspired equally by Micky Mouse’s, and the possibility that the man of the house might be tasked with carrying that huge turkey out of the grill and onto the feasting table. For the biggest and brightest minds, there are knit beanies which wouldn’t be out-of-place in Siberia or Northeast China.

Perhaps the ingenuity of these caricatures is that when deconstructed and looked upon individually, it is essentially made up of quintessentially menswear classics, interspersed with a handful of inapplicable pieces. Nearly every look sees some kind of knitted polo shirt, sweatshirt and cardigan in bold prints and textures that are as gaudy as those seen in Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, which is to say, nothing more than what’s already out there. The pattern prints range from checks and stripes, to leopard, Nordic patterns as well as a touch of tattoo and floral.


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