Okada Coffee | 100AM

If you ever crave for one of those Japanese cafes serving mild roast, and a hearty meal or sweet, this would be it.

While Okada Coffee has had a long and rich history – all of 64 years – it has resisted expansion, even domestically, for much of its existence. The pride and joy of Kumamoto, Kyushu, Okada’s five outlets are all located within the city’s limits. Recognizing the realities of a more optimistic outlook beyond Japan, Okada Coffee took the brave step into Asia, with representations in Hong Kong and now, Singapore.

Okada Coffee is fairly comfortable and pleasant, and reminds me of those lovely cafes in Japan – a nice place to rest and relax, have a little coffee and cake, and if you want to have a hot meal, they serve really decent food as well. While it was initially nearly empty when Darren and I entered, it eventually filled up – the crowd was evenly split between coffee and desserts, and having dinner. I must admit that while we came here for coffee, and despite feeling well-fed after the ramen, I was still tantalized by hot meal menu. There were hearty Japanese favorites like Hamburger Steak with demiglace sauce with rice, and Japanese curry. I’d probably make a trip back to Okada real soon because it’s real difficult to find anything with Japanese demiglace in Singapore. I order the Okada Blend Coffee with Matcha Cake (it comes in a set at SGD 10, so it’s good value) – it’s explained that the cakes and pies are all made in-house in Singapore with Japanese recipes and Japanese ingredients. I emptied the plate in no time – there was something very Japanese and very genuine that I appreciated. The coffee is served with whipped cream, which I really liked. Did it help make the coffee taste better? It’s a hard to tell, but one thing’s for certain – Okada Coffee’s really good for conversations for hours on end.

Special mention to Okada Coffee 100AM staff, “Takashi” Travis. Looking through blogs, your genuine personality and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed.


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