Grandma’s Restaurant | Paragon

A pleasant Friday.

Prior to tonight’s dinner with Keidi, Grandma’s Restaurant was never on my radar. I’ve always thought of it as a trap for gullible tourists, or visitors who come to Singapore turned off by the grime and rawness of hawker centres, and for the wealthy. I’d imagine them using those prepackaged Prima Deli concoctions in the dishes – it’d be love at first bite, you’d enjoy the food and at the cashier, they up sell it to you as a YourSingapore experience. Now, other than the fact that they don’t sell those spices, much of my impression still stands. But Grandma’s Restaurant is a befitting name if your grandma’s in touch with her Peranakan and Indonesian side. The menu is comprehensive in its variety, serving everything from assam (tamarind paste), curry to sambal (prawn paste), spliced with a few odd simple stir-fried Chinese dishes. The national dish, Chicken Rice makes a cameo here, as do other beloved cross culture favorites like Chicken Curry, Laksa and Sliced Fish Vermicelli.

The recent deterioration in service standards exuded by Filipinos has fortunately, not infected this dining spot yet. The staff is prompt, attentive and very much pleasant, which is always a good thing since moods can affect the atmosphere of the restaurant. As for the food, there’s really nothing to complain about. I might have begrudged the small portions of beef rendang and sambal prawns accompanying by main of fried chicken and pilaf rice, but I can attest that the calibration is precise – it’s filling. I vastly enjoyed the vegetable mix that we ordered. The Grandma’s Four Heavenly King is a stir of long beans, brinjal, petai and lady’s fingers fried with spicy dried shrimp paste sauce. While there was far too little of those said ingredients, and generally more of onions, it nevertheless complemented my carnivore’s course very well. Keidi’s chicken rice was a delight, although it isn’t completely difficult to enjoy similar flavors for cheaper at Maxwell market.

Keidi trying out my Bearbrick specs.

The Nasi Bukkhari is pretty good. Props for the wonderfully fried chicken. Crispy on the outside, tender in the inside.

Grandma’s Four Heavenly Kings and Keidi’s Chicken Rice in the background.


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