The Kansai Episode: Cathay Pacific Hong Kong – Singapore Airbus A330-300 Economy Class

It’s like my second home.

Uncharacteristic of my Cathay Pacific flights, we were docked at the farthest end of the terminal. Bad for anyone ending their journey in Hong Kong, but it was an absolute joy for transit passengers like myself – the transfer area and the toilets were literally, outside the gate.

I couldn’t exactly remember how it happened, but I knew Titus initiated us going our separate ways whilst in Hong Kong. Fine by me, really: I know Hong Kong International Airport at the back of my hand, so I had a really fruitful two-hour layover. With a lot of spare currency left, I walked towards the central duty-free concessions area and loaded up on Wife’s Biscuits that my mother requested for; bought a copy of Vogue Hommes Japan Fall/Winter 2012 issue (I couldn’t find Spring/Summer 2013 in Japan even though it was already out on newsstands); and even managed quite a bit of dim sum lunch. Granted, it wasn’t Tim Ho Wan Michelin-star quality, but it did fill the stomach. Naturally, I did loads of “planespotting”, or rather, photo taking. Hong Kong’s floor-to-ceiling clear glass windows makes photography all too simple. Throughout, I was never bored, and on the whole, I felt like I had achieved quite a lot. I slowly strolled to the gate, and by the time I got there, I just walked straight through boarding pass checks and into the plane.

I don’t love this livery of Malaysia Airlines, but it’s my favorite so far. And that’s not saying much.

Singapore Airlines A380 making its cameo.

Cathay Pacific and the satellite terminal behind serving narrow body aircraft.

ANA to Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda.

ANA Boeing 737-700 returning to Osaka Kansai.

Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200ER to Tokyo Narita.

Ex-Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 operating for Cathay Pacific boarding passengers for its Transpacific crossing to San Francisco.

Dragonair Airbus A330-300 embarking for one of the ten over daily flights to Beijing Capital, Shanghai Hongqiao or Shanghai Pudong.

I had been hoping to nab an attractive male seatmate that had a mutual interest in me, but alas, it was not to be. Instead, I get a middle-aged Singapore lady who turned out to be rather amiable. We didn’t speak, but she was agreeable, and was all smiles when I wanted to visit the lavatory (which I did a couple of times).

Once more, the Airbus A330-300 was fitted with the old regional product – there are seatback inflight entertainment, but using it is rather like going back to the 80s of cathode ray tube screens – the system is slow, and the resolution poor. At this point, I was certainly beginning to wonder if the Haagen Dazs was worth the one-stop via Hong Kong. Having flown on Air China earlier in March to Tokyo through Beijing with no personal TV or drop down screens whatsoever for basically ten hours – relying on nothing but inflight magazines, the view outside, and iPhone for music and games – it alters your tolerance level. I wouldn’t say I’d shun Cathay Pacific and fly on the cheapest fare wherever I go, but I think I’ll be more judicious with my selections in future.

Contrary to the pictures earlier, it was raining lightly.

Still ascending…

A hearty Singapore inspired meal.

The trip ends as it started, parked by the side of a Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8.


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