Indian Curry House, Sixth Avenue Centre

The next of the many farewells planned for Auntie Sarah, her husband, Uncle Victor and their daughter, Francesca.

The family has a favorite restaurant. They rave about it all the time. My cousin raves about the “okra”, apparently a deep-fried slightly crisp sliced ladies’ fingers, and how that single dish has turned her onto vegetables. My uncle, an intensely discerning diner whom you might imagine, cannot stand for the mediocre standards of flavor, quality and service that is provided by most hawkers, mid-priced and fine dining establishments in Singapore, gives this one a pass. So, it seemed like the perfect place to hold another “farewell”. With three restaurants since its inception four years ago, Indian Curry House seems to be getting on very well. The primarily North Indian restaurant serves everything you might expect from a North Indian restaurant, including tandoors and curries.

I didn’t quite catch onto it, though. As the dishes kept coming, I didn’t quite feel my taste buds being stirred as I had hoped it’d do. I never knew such a brilliant cuisine could taste sooo bland and uninteresting.


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