Killiney Kopitiam, Forum Galleria


I am, by no means, even remotely attempting to hide my displeasure at the person whom I had arranged yesterday to meet this morning. It is with extreme prejudice that I report that this esteemed individual not only stood me up, but possessed the least bit of courtesy to my attendance – only sending a half-hearted apology at the end of the day for her abhorring absence. Anger. Frustration. There is no need for such attachment and formalities. It was, however, most inconvenient since the venue is a way off from my office.

I’ve learned to expect nothing from people. But brands on the other hand, have become sanctuaries and compasses in this ever-changing world. So, it is disappointing when a familiar just keeps tripping onto turd. Killiney was one of those places I grew up with since a young boy. As a child, the nostalgic breakfast spot’s ultra sweet kaya mashed with a savory butter flushed between a fluffy toast bun was just like not getting caught for sticking a finger into the peanut butter jar and licking it. And that was it – the world of the kaya toast as I saw it. My kaya virginity was lost in secondary school when I first heard a secondary school classmate raving about “Ah Koon”. Speaking those words at random evoked waves and orgasms of euphoria. I was clearly not in the loop. But even I eventually came to appreciate the pleasure of Ya Kun. Then, somewhere, somehow, unannounced, I found it. Gleaming in orange, the name I knew from my childhood, in the midst of the mall, was finally going to prove why it was better than the Starbucks imitation, Ya Kun. But when I tried it, all the pent-up positive emotion never came. There was no familiarity. There was, but it came from a most unexpected source. For a lack of a better word, it was quite honestly, a Chinese copy of Ya Kun down to the toast. It wasn’t good.

The breakfast I had at The Forum was, well, a sack of shit. It was beyond words. The eggs were way too done to transform it into the recognizable slurry of liquid gold. The toast was not done in a “Killiney” style at all.

It’s disappointing. I’m disappointed.


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