Nur Indah Kitchen, Bedok Corner

It’s been a long time since I’ve been wowed by Ayam Penyet.

I guess, I could say I had a pretty good one while I was in Indonesia, but that was in Indonesia. I oughta be more specific, it has been a long time since I was wowed by Ayam Penyet in Singapore. Ayam Penyet, which means “chicken smashed”, is an Indonesian dish that has become very popular in Singapore since introduced in 2003. So popular in fact, that some people say that it has overtaken Nasi Lemak. This Indonesian dish’s runaway success can largely be attributed to its winning formula – it’s simply crispy fried chicken, smashed by a mallet before serving to tenderize the meat, served with vegetables, tempe and beancurd, rice, and a out-of-this-world hot dipping sauce that’s guaranteed to give anybody a good sweat.

My colleague and I scurried to Bedok Corner for a really early lunch, and she instantaneously recommended this stall for the best Ayam Penyet. Well, it’s still not as good as the ones I had in Indonesia, but for its price point, it was really good. I’d have preferred steamed white rice and a chili that’s A LOT more spicy though.


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