Simply Bread, Cluny Court

I’m just tired of this back and forth we’re having.

Now that that’s off my chest, let’s fast forward to this morning.

There was something inkling at the back of my head when I woke up. There was something I needed to go. Something I needed to do. What it was, I couldn’t recall, and it was frustrating. Picking up my phone, I looked at the date – September 10th. There was definitely something, some event… and to satisfy my curiosity once and for all, I turned on my laptop, checked my mail, keyed in the date to see if anything would come up – I was right, there was something. I wouldn’t be going to the office first – I was heading west, and west I went. But first, breakfast. I always get dirty looks and sometimes unwanted comments from people about my breakfast habit, and I’m like, “What’s wrong with eating breakfast?” It is after all, the most important meal of the day – a fact that seems unheeded by the people around me, it seems. Coming out of the Botanic Gardens MRT station, I spotted Da Paolo but I wasn’t really feeling that. Then, at the corner of my eye, I spotted a set of windows by the sidelines on he second floor which reminded me of those you’d see in Tokyo and Paris, and it pulled me in. What I found was a

Simply Bread’s the cafe, and with the event later a “bruncheon”, I ordered just eggs and toast.

To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by the meal. The bread, lightly toasted, had a delicate nutty and silky expression that could only be made by hand. The scrambled egg, an interesting conversation between milk, fire and egg, was one of the better ones out there. It just wasn’t exciting. Having said that, there’s a comfort in egg, toast and coffee that can’t be sought easily or replaced by anything else. A fine start to the overcast, cool, sun-less morning, I couldn’t really ask for more, really.


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