The Edge by Heineken, 1-Altitude

I am sooo tired, I just want a break…

A break from all the sin, decadence, temptation and indulgence that is alcohol. On Friday, it was Mambo Beach Club at Sentosa. This evening, it was The Edge pop-up club at 1-Altitude. While it was a pity that one of our colleagues wouldn’t join us, I think the rest of us still had a pretty good time – free-flow drinks, canapes and a view to boast, what more could we ever want? 1-Altitude’s a one-stop lifestyle venue located on the top floors of One Raffles Place. Formerly known as OUB Centre, it, along with UOB Plaza, both designed by the late Kenzo Tange, and Republic Plaza, designed by the late Kisho Kurokawa; were all tied as Singapore’s tallest buildings at 280 metres due to local aviation restrictions. Somehow, for the transformation of One Raffles Place and the 1-Altitude development, the restriction was relaxed somewhat, allowing the building to be raised by two metres to 282 metres, making One Raffles Place the tallest building in the country.

Although it has been opened for a few years now, I’ve never visited the place, touted by many for its spectacular views. I had a few close calls, by my former college classmate, Inez, but it never panned out and I got the feeling she wasn’t really serious about it anyway. When the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t say no.

What are the odds? Who’d knew pizza and beer would go so well together?

The music’s good, but the view was just as good. I didn’t bring my camera, so I just shot all of these with my smart phone, and it shows, doesn’t it?


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