Pang Kee Porridge, East Coast Road

This, was a surprise.

It was good – the Chinatown porridge and Maxwell Market kind of good. It was that good, and I’m honestly and rather disgustingly surprised by it.So far, the myth that Katong has delicious food had been comfortably shattered by the likes of 328 Katong Laksa, the feuding Tau Kwa Pau owners and the outrageously overpriced slew of chicken rice and Teochew porridge stalls along with an Astons that charges exactly one dollar more for everything in its menu at its Katong stake out, and suddenly, in one clean, decisive swoop, I find something that I’d actually like to come back to and have it once more. Make no mistake, I am disappointed – I now have to actually try everything, making sure I sieve out the cream from the crop and that means I’ll have to dastardly try every. single. one. A real bummer, really, since the food’s a tad more expensive than usual.

There’s a charming little ruggedness to the porridge here. It’s not the smooth, silky goo they call congee you get at Crystal Jade or Canton Paradise, yet it’s not like those Teochew style fish porridge where it’s literally just fish soup poured into a bowl of rice. It’s something – the stuff you go to after a bad breakup, the hug you embrace after a nightmare, the warm you embrace when all others have abandoned you. I was a lone lifeboat, and this was my savior. I was robbed by Katrina, this is my gumbo. I was conned by Lehman, this is my Citi. It’s not perfect though. The pork porridge lacked the quintessential pork liver – it’s like having fish without chips, sushi without wasabi, a burger without the bun – it was a heinous crime of the first degree. Still, I’ll let it pass. Not only pass, but give it a merit, because I really enjoyed my morning breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Pang Kee Porridge, East Coast Road

    1. My morning porridge of 25 years is gone!!!!! We need a search and recover mission.

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