Night Festival 2012, Fuerzabruta

I think many local artistes and bands are deluded.

You know what it feels like? It’s your pubescent phase. You’re growing up. You’re tired of the way things are. You’re not going to be the change, but you can certainly channel that frustration somewhere – you find punk rock your thing. So, you and your friends get together, get electric guitars, and just “channel” all that rebellion away… without knowing what you’re really doing. Many local indie bands lack commercial sense – unlike Noel Gallagher or John Lennon, local musicians simply can’t produce musically and lyrically. Instead, they rely on banging on their drum sets and blasting out their Fender guitars, without really giving anything any thought. I do think Singapore has a few good bands, such as The Great Spy Experiment, Plain Sunset, B-Quartet, Electrico, Sixx and Dharni (I loveeee him!!!), but DAMN, their YouTube presence is terrible – they really need to get their material out on the web.

While waiting for the second act, we had the pleasure of being serenaded into annoyance by SHELVES. I know, I know, the crowd’s bigger than anything you’ve ever had, but please… show some restraint. You’re no good if the drums, accompanying guitars and vocals are all competing for supremacy.

The first gig, by Fuerzabruta this evening is Corredoras, performed against a huge foil silver curtain and shimmering in blue and purple lights. “Corredoras”, which means runners or racers in Spanish, is especially apt since the two dancers appear, somersaulting and diving, giving an illusion of running.

The second, Mylar, is a sensuous, near hallucinating performance.

The third, located at Armenian Street, La Argentina recalls the streets of Buenos Aires in 2010 during the celebration of the Bicentenary of Argentinian independence. I shot a video, but the quality’s really very bad, so here are some individual frames.

The crowd really went wild when the crane knocked the sign over. Haha.

Eh? Is she doing the wai? That’s not Argentinian. That’s very Asian.

What’s a street party without a live street band “lip-synching” to music being blasted from speakers? But hey, they got the crowd going.

And the party goes on…

Contemplating the next location…


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