Night Festival 2012, Façade Projections

After dinner, it was on!

There were tonnes of things to cover, so we just picked some highlights. The first order of the evening was to get ourselves to Singapore Management University Green where Argentinian group, Fuerzabruta would be performing two acts – already immortalized in today’s The Straits Times as a “must-see” event.

On the way there, we had a brief view of the Singapore Art Museum’s façade, which was playing hosts to Stephane Beve, Milosh Luczynski and Philippe Rizzotti’s Mimoid II. The light and visual spectacular presents a constantly evolving architecture of a building as history, culture, time and purpose affects it, and what better building to showcase Mimoid II than the Art Museum, which has stood the test of time and used for a myriad of purposes. The word “mimoid” comes from Stanislas Lem’s Solaris, and are basically midi-chlorians really – they imitate and variate on their host object.

With some time still left to the performances, we viewed the National Museum’s façade projection. Titled WE THE PEOPLE by Brian Gothong Tan, it combines film, motion graphics and experimental animation to forge an identity of Singapore.


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