Maison Ikkoku, Kandahar Street

Drinks on a Friday evening. Bliss.

Up till this very moment, it hadn’t really occurred to me to ask if I could speak about the events that have transpired all too quickly in the office. I’m not talking about blabbing about everything – I’m not an amateur, but you know, mention about it in a more general way. Whatever it is, at least for now, things are indeed looking better. I’d be lying if I said I was super excited, because I’ve heard it all before but all the dreams awoke to nought but I’m cautiously optimistic. How about that.

Anyway, the team reconvened for a bout of drinks at Maison Ikkoku on a colleague’s suggestion. The clothes at Maison Ikkoku may not be very agreeable with me (only because I can get those same Japanese brands in Tokyo for cheaper) but the cafe and cocktail bar is one of the places in Singapore to have a drink, sit down, chill and chat. These indie cafes tend to have an air of “elitism”, with the hipster crowd judgmental of new faces, but this is one of those few indie cafes and bars where I just don’t get a sense of that at all. What really sold me is the cocktail bar’s view at the rooftop. It’s a scene of a alternate future dystopic utopia – in a single shot, the architecture and culture of different eras and different symbolisms colliding to create a hubris of fireworks that you don’t really see in any part of the world. You’d almost expect to see up is down, black is white, with all this convolution. One thing I love about Singapore’s cocktail bars is that I’d most definitely see two guys I’d find attractive – one whom I think would be a great fuck, and another whom I think would be a great partner. Haha. Okay, drinks.

My Editor got a… gosh, I can’t remember, but it had cinnamon sticks burning in a emptied egg-shell atop shaven ice.

I asked for a chocolatety drink, and here’s what I got. Although it was initially an issue for me, the lack of sweetness gradually let up as I emptied my drink.

This looks like something you wash your toilet bowl with, but it ended up being a fantastic mint chocolate cocktail.


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