The Royals Cafe, Upper East Coast Road

My colleague led us up East Coast to Siglap to try this amazing chicken rice that she grew up with.

Curiously, once we got there, everybody’s minds just kinda changed. I guess it’s hard to resist the generic air-conditioned cafe that is such a favorite with the lunchtime crowds. While they are understanding, some, actually, just one – my intern – I’m not too sure if I made my desperation clear enough, but his consistent calls to eat at pricey places in spite of my pleas is, to me, insensitive, annoying and disrespectful at best. I’m just a lowly writer, and writers aren’t paid well here – I don’t have the luxury of being able to live every day as if I just didn’t care. I live, I shop, I travel, I eat, I save, I gym… all this off my salary and no other source. Unfortunately, the world’s not born fair. Some people are more fortunate than others, and if they can afford to live the high life every second, that’s their prerogative and I’ll respect that. I’ll handle it better, tomorrow.

This generic diner, it seems, is well known for its cakes and hit-and-miss hot menu, and the nasi lemak comes quite recommended. So, I decided to give it a go. In all honesty, it wasn’t anything memorable. It’s okay – you enjoy it at the moment, there are some bits unsatisfactory but it’s something you don’t mind glossing over, but once you step out, you forget how it tastes like. Hopefully the cakes, if I come back, will be a little more memorable.


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