Million Fishball Noodles, Kim San Leng, Bishan Central

I’m one with the people.

Unlike its northern and southern neighbors’ central district, Bishan’s not really known for its food. In fact, look through local food sites and blogs, and you’d be hard pressed to find anything of interest within the immediate vicinity of the train station (Sin Ming and Upper Thomson don’t count). Sure, there’s Junction 8, but there isn’t anything there that you can’t find anywhere else.

Even the area’s food beacon’s, Kim San Leng Food Centre, is filled with favorites from elsewhere, such as the Bugis Street Chicken Rice, Chinatown’s Koo Kee Yong Tau Hoo. There is, however, Million Fishball Noodles, which is said to be one of the better places for mee pok, or minced pork noodles. However, I wasn’t in the mood for that because, well, I wanted a vermicelli fish ball soup. It was surprisingly bland. Despite the copious amounts of fried shallot, chopped spring onions and a salted vegetable reduction, AND some of the best fish balls, it was overwhelmingly one-note. It was like being in the kiddy pool, and from here, even the kiddy pool had more depth to it. To be fair, I was kind of counting on the blandness seeing as the weather was getting off to a hot start, and I wanted something plain to just neutralize the heat, but it was too much.


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