Maison Kayser, Scotts Square

I know Singaporeans love to compare, dismiss wherever possible, but each boulangerie has its own unique quality.

I’ll only go to BreadTalk for my floss bread, and nowhere else. Four Leaves to satisfy my craving for a hotdog bun. Q Bread for luncheon meat or otah bun. Petit Provence for a good wassant. Delifrance – blueberry tart. So, let’s not pit Maison Kayser and Tiong Bahru Bakery against one another, shall we?

Although both Gontran Cherrier and Eric Kayser are French, I realized that their philosophies regarding baking are very different. Cherrier’s more about the flavor, but it’s not very long-lasting – having it at the cafe will always most infinitely be better than take out. Kayser on the other hand, is more interested in keeping the texture and flavor as light as possible, which makes it appealing to Japanese palettes. This characteristics ironically maintains the flavor and texture of the bread long after baking, which makes it better for take outs. The croissant I had at Maison Kayser while infinitely less buttery than Tiong Bahru Bakery’s, had, in my opinion, a silkier flesh which was consistently light and fluffy – which always amazes me because it’s a mind fuck; you can’t grapple that bread goes down so light. The chocolate eclair however, wasn’t to my taste. I’d much prefer Delifrance’s, which is not only just the right size, but has got the right balance between chocolate cream and pastry.


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