Keisuke, Millenia Walk

Feast your eyes on Singapore’s best ramen.

Yes, this is the crab stock ramen with egg from Keisuke at Millenia Walk. While it isn’t quite the level of the exact dish I had in Tokyo five months prior, it was still a pretty good ramen – the best in Singapore by a long shot. I didn’t intend to come here, actually. Two days before, my colleague had told me that my Creative Director had wanted to meet the team at the new office this morning so for the first time ever, I commuted to the new office at East Coast Road. True to Google Maps and’s estimations, it took an almost earth-shattering two hours to get there. Once there, I got to witness with my very own eyes, a very uncompleted office with nary a floor or ceiling. The plus side’s that it’s at least twice the size of our Henderson site, and there are windows with views to the outside world. However, it wasn’t too long before me and my colleagues realized that there was no reason for us to really be there, so we went on separate ways. Accompanying me on my commute was my gym stuff – I really wanted to up my game in the area of fitness, and I didn’t want to lose the momentum that I had begun two days ago. Having not eaten breakfast, and already halfway into lunchtime, my stomach begged for sustenance and I gave in when the Orchard-bound service 14 passed by Suntec City.

I managed to beat the lunchtime crowd and ensuing queue by a matter of moments. As the restaurant filled up, I felt like I was in a space capsule. With every being that walked in, I was nudged closer and closer to Japan. Of course, helping build up that atmosphere was the fact that the clientelle this afternoon was, in fact, Japanese.

The fact that Keisuke’s still in Singapore is its testament to willingness to adapt and innovate. The crab stock specialist originally stuck to its roots, and added a prawn stock repertoire to its Singapore outlet. When it was clear that it wasn’t very well received, the ramen shop did what it never had with its stores in Japan – introduce the classic pork stock miso, shio as well as tonkatsu broth varieties. Half-hearted attempt it was not, for it was sooo successful, it spun off Keisuke’s very first tonkatsu ramen shop in the world – Keisuke Tonkatsu King, whose tonkatsu ramen is reportedly acknowledged by Japanese media as the best outside of Japan. Today, Keisuke’s Millenia Walk outlet’s menu comprises mostly of the miso, shio and tonkatsu varieties, with just a single crab stock ramen on the menu’s third page, a quiet but respectful nod to its heritage. It’s a commitment and dedication that could only come from Japan’s best. Indeed, the brand has been consistently voted as Japan’s best ramen, and it’s easy to see that they won it not only by taste, but through passion and enthusiasm for their craft.


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