Menya Musashi, ION Orchard

Blogging about Riki Ramen this morning gave me cravings… for ramen.

Do you remember that I hoped for a fresh start to the way things are run in the company once we moved to the office? Well, it looks like I spoke too soon, literally. To cut the long story short and without going into details, you know, confidentiality agreements and all that back story bulls**t, the new office at East Coast Road is not ready at all, and that’s putting it lightly. So, for now, we’ve got to work from home, and having just returned from Phuket last evening, there was no way I was “working” at home or in the office just yet. I’m not too sure how many times I watched Batman Begins in the theatre, but I watched The Dark Knight thrice; twice within opening week and once at a re-release. So, it was only necessary that I see The Dark Knight Rises at the very least, once more. My first time was marred by atrocious seat selection courtesy of Darren that I ended up with a neck ache for close to four days after that. At that angle, I didn’t get to appreciate the film being shot on IMAX, and this afternoon turned out to be the perfect afternoon for it. But first, lunch at Menya Musashi.

Menya Musashi at ION Orchard takes over Aoba Ramen’s lot, with little of the interior actually changed. The only visible differences is the replacement of ancient drawings of Hokkaido with motifs of tigers and Menya Musashi in Kanji. While not exactly great, Aoba Ramen has been consistently pulling the crowds since its opening so I really fail to see why it was replaced. In my opinion, it’s just lazy on the part of Japan Foods, the company that brought in Menya Musashi and other Japanese concepts. With the place still boasting the vibes of Aoba, it just didn’t feel right to order any of Menya Musashi’s regular things so I went for a seasonal dish, as did most of the Japanese individuals in the restaurant – Tokyo Akiba Curry Ramen, named after the district in which this particular bowl sold the best, apparently, Tokyo’s Akihabara.

Despite the name, it’s not actually a Japanese curry sauce ramen. It was still a regular broth, just that it was Japanese curry flavored. This made it light – you’re not gonna get Japanese curry breath if you finished the broth, yet for all its dilute nature, it still retained a rich aroma and flavor. True to the Japanese curry fashion, thinly sliced pork were served instead of the regular chashu, along with a poached egg. In all, compared to Menya Musashi’s other offerings, this is simple in contrast, and it works. However, I do not think Singaporeans will like this because it’s Japanese curry and yet at the same time, it isn’t. I paired my ramen with a Bokuto Gyoza which I kind of regretted. The gyoza couldn’t compliment the curry ramen at all. It had a sharp, sour aftertaste which was horrid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anything’s bad. It’s just that if you love food, you’ll realize that certain flavors, aroma and meats go together while others clash…


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