Tree Top Lofts, Resorts World Sentosa

If you want to feel like you’re not in Singapore, you have to leave Singapore, cos’ the mainland’s got nothing.

Thankfully, you needn’t travel far. Unlike Marina Bay Sands which has taken full advantage of the fact that it has a front row seat into Singapore’s downtown, Resorts World Sentosa’s goal seems to be quite contrary. In fact, each of its concepts is a step towards building the illusion that one isn‘tin Singapore. It’s a fairy tale, a request to suspend your disbelief, to live the fantasy land that has been laid out for you, and judging by the numbers, Singaporeans are responding more to that.

The newest addition to the Resorts World complex is the ultra-luxurious Tree Top Lofts. Set in a lush tropical rainforest, with extra care and concern to preserving the natural habitat, and a sanctuary for those seeking utmost privacy and exclusivity, it’s quite probably, the first of such in Singapore. While every effort has been taken to keep your surroundings natural, guests are by no means, left to fend for themselves in the cruel life’s obstacle course of Darwinism. Affiliated to the more upscale Equarius Hotel and Beach Villas, it’s a five-star accommodation through and through, complete with butler services, and access to amenities away from the family friendly Festive and Hard Rock Hotels. From the exterior to the interior design, the architecture focuses on modern, natural simplicity with earth-toned accents. Taking inspiration from the Angsana and Tembusu trees that the two units are aptly named after, the lofts are supported, and inspired tree trunks and their radiating canopy. This not only creates the illusion of a tree house, but it allows the flora and fauna to reclaim the structure as freely as it can. Inside, the focus, as mentioned, was a modern, natural simplicity, so while it is a five-star accommodation, it is spartan, simple, clean, yet the finer details, like bed sheets, table lamps and ESPA-provided toiletries all recall a sense of luxury and style. As with any accommodation set against lush, natural rainforests, mosquitoes are an issue but the netting, which has been subtly incorporated into the design, adds comfort and is never an obstruction or obtrusive.

Detail of the “trunk” and “branches.

The living room with balcony and patio on either side. Hidden beside the television is the access to the bedroom via the closet, which provides access to a huge water closet.

Dengue protected.

The views are spectacular, but we’ve got to face realities here – this is Singapore after all, and wherever you are in Singapore, civilization’s always around the corner. Angsana, the lower of the two lofts, offers a majestic view of Keppel Bay, but while there is a substantial tree wall, any attempt at privacy will be limited for the loft is in plain sight of some units at the Equarius and Hard Rock hotels. While Tembusu shields you away from possible prying eyes, the views of Keppel Bay aren’t as generous. Like Angsana, you remain near civilization as the elaborate and considerate tree wall is no match for the noise of the rare occasion of vehicles driving by. However, I suspect my nitpicking is rather trivial.

Angsana’s outdoor patio is rather linear.

The highlight of Tembusu is this very generous patio space that’s perfect for outdoor evening parties.

It was a pity that my Sony NEX wasn’t in my possession. It’d have made a tremendous photography subject.


3 thoughts on “Tree Top Lofts, Resorts World Sentosa

  1. Hey! I would like to know more about the price for a night in the Tree Top Loft? Do you find that it is worth the money? (: Thank you!

    1. Hi Amanda,
      While there are many things going for the Tree Top Loft, I feel that it’s not as luxurious or private for its price range. Perhaps the single most prominent deterrent, sorry, make that two, are 1) mosquitos, and 2) a thin layer of trees is all that separates your privacy, the fairly busy road behind it, and the sound of Resorts World Sentosa complex’s air-conditioners’ compressors. Therefore, I find that there are many better value experiences to be found in Bali, Phuket or Langkawi. If it’s a staycation you’re seeking, I find ESPA at Resorts World sorely under-rated, quieter, tranquil, and better value.

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