The King Louis Grill & Bar, Vivo City

Inside this medieval wonder is a castle a king so graciously generous, you wonder why it isn’t more popular than it already is.

It’s terrible trying to find a place for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings at Vivo City – long queues snake out of every restaurant with no end in sight, and it can be quite distressing if you, like my mom, was pretty hungry and couldn’t wait that long. With food courts out of the option, we straggled along the corridors and swore to enter the first diner without a queue. That first diner, turned out to be The King Louis Grill & Bar. Located opposite Daiso, it tends to be out-of-the-way, and it’s themed atmosphere, rather than being inviting, tends to put off potential customers, thinking it’s a high-priced restaurant. Make no mistake, the restaurant was far from empty when we walked in, with everybody from couples, families, friends all enjoying in the serenity of this back corner. From the offset, I had read about The King Louis Grill & Bar on The Straits Times, and knew that the platters here are the signatures. Up until today, I thought that were the only things they sold, so when I looked at the Main Course menu and saw the fairly reasonable prices, it was a no brainer. The King Louis would probably slot itself amongst, albeit higher than New York, New York, Cafe Cartel, Tony Romas and just a bit better than Swensen’s.

The calamari was definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried in Singapore. The batter’s crispness’ juxtaposition with the squid’s tenderness, and dipped in the Thai chili sauce – it came together perfectly. I was shocked that The King Louis had actually doused half of the plate with a very generous helping of salad filled with fresh-tasting vegetables.

The Rosemary Roasted Beef was good, particularly for the price and the portions, but I felt a little inhibited by the doneness of the steak. When ordering, I was told that it was the restaurant’s policy to do it medium to well-done, presumably because of hygiene purposes or something, but with the meat served being a striploin, I was really missing the redness. It’s a missed opportunity, but it was still acceptable, I suppose. The next time I come, I’d probably stay off the beef until they change their policy to show a little blood and redness. My mom’s Cheesy Chicken on the other hand, was perfect. Again, crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside, it’s hard to contemplate that it’s a fillet.

Overall, I think it’s a lovely place to be, and with the right company and stomach, a great hangout with the boys, or the girls.


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