OChaCha, Paragon

After a delightful tease of colors, cackles and commotion that is Louboutins, it was time to soothe back into the reality of our peasant lives.

OChaCha is one of those places you pass by either because you think it’s expensive, or you think they don’t sell anything of value other than green tea. After all, when the Japanese love something, it’s an obsession and while some fads, like bubblegum, lose their flavors eventually, others linger on for a very long time and very soon, it becomes a new sub-culture. However, OChaCha, while Japanese-themed, isn’t actually a Japanese-owned nor Japanese franchise – it’s Singaporean. So in reality, the menu’s a lot more fusion than first impressions.

My colleague recommended this place after Designare’s former Editor, Kim Reyes brought him here. Short of swearing on his life, he vouched for the Chasoba, but with everybody in the table ordering that, I decided to opt for something else, not because I didn’t believe him, but the idea of everybody ordering the same thing kinda put me off – the monotony of it all was killing me. So, I decided to opt for the Ochazuke, which turned out to be a salmon porridge dish. I know it looks unappetizing, but after spamming on the chili powder and pepper, it was simply out of this world – the ultimate comfort food on a cool, wet day such as today’s.


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