epilogue cafe at Prologue, ION Orchard

It’s never easy to find a restaurant that isn’t packed on a Friday evening – the weekend’s started, and everybody’s in a cheery mood, but heading to town wasn’t part of my agenda.

Thursday, and my company’s holding yet another farewell for a soon-to-be ex-employee. She’s a little more treasured, and gets a company-sponsored lunch at Rumah Rasa at the Bay Hotel opposite Vivo City. Despite the small set-up, this boutique hotel, I learn, is popular with Indonesians who come to Singapore seeking medical treatment, and the hotel’s clearly aimed at this ride of regional medical tourism, hence the Indonesian-themed restaurant is the hotel’s sole food establishment. While the food was definitely worth a mention, it’s the extremely affordable pricing that really seals the deal, costing the seven of us barely above SGD 120 for nine or so dishes. But since then, I’ve been left out in the cold, with a very mild case of diarrhea. With  my stomach still not in tip-top condition, I planned my journey home this evening with pit stops in the event that it “came”, and naturally, Orchard Road was a natural rest station. Since I was in the area, I walked up to ION to do a little shopping for Pink Dot.

Technically an “approved demonstration” in the eyes of the government, Pink Dot calls on the freedom to love… regardless of sexual orientation, which almost automatically makes it an unofficial LGBT event. Even though it’s often argued otherwise, the government’s stance on homosexuals is tolerance veering on discrimination rather than ignorance or acceptance. Indeed, the country has to turn a real purposeful blind eye to a lifestyle that remains criminal by law. Some, not wanting to upset the establishment, are happy with an existence with limits, but the true oppression comes from a largely traditional society that is only okay with people being gay, so long as it’s woman-on-woman, and they’re watching. But there’s a hope, somewhere out there, written in the pages of destiny, that there’ll be a society without prejudice, acceptance without enforcement, and for me, a partner who’ll gladly lay to rest by my side after we’re done with this existence, for all eternity. Do I think Pink Dot will make a difference? Hell, no, but the only reason I’m going this year is to see if I can catch a glimpse of him – if he’s happy, I’m okay, but if that were true, I don’t know why I’m getting all teary-eyed…

Anxious to avoid all those happy faces, I dine at epilogue cafe while waiting for Darren to watch The Amazing Spider-Man. The food’s obviously microwaved, but hey, what’s a table-for-one to do on a table-for-two-or-more night?


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