Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball, Singapore

I’m not an avid concert-goer by any means, but this one rocked!

Not that it isn’t my thing, but when it comes to concerts, I live by one rule – I’ll go only if I really like the singer. That’s where my true allegiances lie, I suppose, in pop music… and you’re turned off. I know peers my age who eschew pop music completely like it’s some form of plague, slamming it as populist and cheesy or what-have-you, all while proclaiming their love for real music. If you can’t even appreciate all forms of music, how can any individual, who likes Joan Jett, Lana Del Rey, Marina and The Diamonds, Queen and The Cure, claim to truly love music. That’s why when it comes to concerts, I’d totally go for the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Adele… (I didn’t go for Jessie J because let’s be honest, with a repertoire of just one album, the chances of hitting a home-run is pretty low) If you’re looking for a great night out, sing and groove to those evergreen tunes, those are my sistas, man.

Despite that, when I heard Lady Gaga was bringing her Born This Way Ball tour to Singapore, I didn’t jump in on the bandwagon on a heartbeat. I was retrenched, and I know Keidi and Chia Erhn say they doesn’t care, but I felt like I had turned my back on ALEXIS Magazine at a time when I thought it needed the most help – to save itself from its owners, really. Had I foreshadowed my abrupt end, I would’ve never gone to Japan. So you could imagine, I was, and still am kinda start in a rut, professionally and emotionally. Slowly, I gathered my thoughts, albeit still in a mess, and somehow, while waning in the nothingness of my idling, I chanced upon the light. Maybe, I needed a push. Maybe, just maybe, I needed hope. And maybe, I can’t do anything as me, but I could do something as a monster. So, when Titus suddenly popped the question, I was so ecstatic – it was like a sign from God, and I agreed on the spot… to attend the Born This Way Ball.

And what a concert it was!


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