Shanghai Delights, AMK Hub NTUC Foodfare

This was quite an unexpected find.

With errands to run, I hopped over to AMK Hub for lunch. Crowds aren’t alien to the town’s centre, and it’s particularly difficult to find a place during lunchtime. Fortunately, I manage to get a place pretty quickly. While it’s not as glitzy as the themed food courts like Food Republic nor does it boast the most variety, the mall’s food court amasses some of the best assortment of what Singapore hawker food has to offer. Hell, former Scotts Plaza’s basement food court MVP, the beef noodle stall has its only Singapore outlet here. The newest edition, Shanghai Delights, immediately caught my eye with select familiar Shanghainese fare at affordable prices. With a Mainland Chinese chef on hand “pulling” the noodles, I was certain of its authenticity. However, my appetite hasn’t quite returned since last week, so I settled for a plate of xiao long baos (SGD 4.80).

To my utter and complete surprise, this was near perfect. In fact, it tasted very homemade and reminded me of the dumplings I had at the smaller establishments in Shanghai. I can’t wait to come back and try the other dumpling varieties!


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