Itacho Sushi, Plaza Singapura

I love Itacho Sushi.

Ever since I’ve sampled the Hong Kong-based Japanese chain, I’ve never been able to accept Sakae Sushi. I’m truly appreciative to Douglas Foo for his efforts, but the moment you rest on your laurels, you’re overtaken. One could say the founder of Sakae Sushi lacked sophistication and poise to truly understand Japanese cuisine because the chain eschewed quality, authenticity for mass production and consistency, not realizing that the diners have become more discerning. Of course, nothing quite touches what Tokyo offers when you juxtapose expectation, quality and pricing. In Singapore, where quality is a matter of price, and not a right, Itacho Sushi’s the next best alternative. My favorite outlet is the one at ION Orchard, mostly because there’s a male supervisor there who’s basically my epitome of perfection, looks wise, that is.

Whenever I visit, there are certain things I order as staples such as the soy sauce salmon sushi, chawanmushi and the baked stuff crab, the latter of which wasn’t available, which is to be expected really, since Darren and I ate at the chain’s Plaza Singapura outlet instead.


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